Our House


Jose & ShelbyIt’s time for another blog refresh! I’ve owned this domain for five years now, and the blog has continued to change, never holding the same format for any extended period of time. So, once again, it’s time to smash that F5 button and start all over again.

I am Jose. I’m an engineer working for a defense contractor. Shelby is the pretty girl in yellow. She is finishing her nursing degree while providing in-home senior care. We met while working for a New England based pizza chain, for which we worked a collective 11 years. We’ve been engaged since January 2013, and will be getting married in May of this year.

And in January 2014, we became homeowners.

Our HouseAny current pictures of the home would show a blanket of snow, so the picture at left is courtesy of a Google Street View van, taken whilst conducting surveillance for the NSA betterment of society.

So, this is my blog. And although history would insist that it will wind up abandoned within a month, maybe this time, I’ll prove it wrong.